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With the Derma Roller, fine needles pierce the skin. When the top layer of skin is punctured, blood circulation improves. What's the point? Quite simply: Similar to an injury, the skin tries to regenerate itself as quickly as possible. For this, collagen is increasingly produced, which in turn is important for firm and strong connective tissue. Conversely, this new collagen production should help with problems by using the Dermaroller (see advantages of the DERMA ROLLER).

Other advantages of the derma roller:

Use the Derma Roller to boost your lips, improve skin problems (against oily skin eg), increase skin elasticity, remove wrinkles, reduce enlarged pores, lighten skin tone and also relieve stretch marks. Acne spots can be reduced and the Derma Roller is also the perfect remedy for casual hair problems. The hair growth is more pronounced - be it on the scalp or for the beard growth. It is also cellulite reducing

 The Dermaroller 0.5mm is an all-purpose microneedle specially designed for facial skin. The length is moderate, making it easy and comfortable to massage your skin.

Professional beauty treatments are very expensive. You only need to have our micro needle rollers once a week. Perseverance, the skin can achieve good results, and everyone can afford it.

The facial roller adopts the hypoallergenic alloy material of the medical scalpel, which greatly reduces irritation to the skin. There is no gap between the hole and the roller to prevent infection.

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